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For past few months, I have been on the hunt for natural/organic skin care products as recently I have obsessed with everything organic. Our bodies consume so much pollution and dust on everyday basis and with so much junk food in our lifestyle, I have really been trying to cut off chemicals from my day to day routine. So, I started thinking that whatever product I apply on my face or body or hair, it is being consumed by my skin so I figured that is the place where I should start. Plus I have a very dry and sensitive skin, so my skin reacts to harsh chemicals very easily. Also, I have been thinking of starting this as a series, so do lemme know if this is something that you would be interested in. My thoughts are all over the place (this being my very first blog and all), without any further adieu let’s get started.

I gave it a lot of thought and I have decided to divide this blog in categories like face serums, scrub, creams. etc. rather than talking about one brand at a time, as I feel in that way I will be able to provide a good comparison of the products, which might be beneficial for all out there as well.

As i mentioned I have a very dry and sensitive skin, so exfoliation is a dry skin’s best friend. It helps removes all the dead skin and just like that new, fresh and healthy looking skin is born. But, due to my sensitive skin I do not exfoliate more than twice a week, sometimes I would only exfoliate once a week and that keeps my skin calm and healthy.


  • First Water Solutions Clear & clarifying Face scrub

This scrub is amazing. It does exactly what it says, every time I use this scrub I look at my face and it feels clean, it really helps in removing all the dead skin cells and when I done washing my face I see a very clear and healthy looking skin. I like to use this scrub once every two weeks or whenever I do a deep cleaning of my face. Please make sure that you moisturize your face really well after using it as it will not give you that smoothening effect that other scrubs might but I really don’t mind that, no other scrub cleanses my skin the way this does, and I really like the packaging as well, I love the fact that it has a pump, so its not a hassle to use it, but I would not recommend it as an everyday scrub. Still, you get a good bang for your buck and you just need a tiny little amount, so this will last a pretty good time.

  • Aroma Magic Coffee Bean Scrub

Now, this scrub claims to revive your skin, help fight ageing and imparting glow on your skin. And I feel that’s exactly what it does. I can’t make any claims regarding the anti ageing part but whenever I use this scrub I notice a very subtle glow on my face and it doesn’t dry out my skin at all. Ever since I tried this scrub, I have been reaching for it whenever I know that I have to put makeup on my face or even on my “no makeup” makeup days when I know I am gonna be going out. It just evens out my skin tone, brightens up my skin tone and provides such a nice barely there glow that whatever I put on my face after using this looks good. And the best part is that it actually smells like coffee, and anybody who knows me knows that I am sucker for coffee and anything that smells like coffee. In fact, when I ordered a bunch of products from aroma magic they sent me a sample of this scrub along with my order so now I have a travel size as well which is great because I try and use it specifically when I know I am going to be out.

  • Ahad Scrub

First of all I would like to say, that I love the fact their packaging is glass not plastic. I don’t know but the idea of skin care products in a plastic packaging is something that puts me off but that said, I do not like it at all that the ingredients or manufacturing or expiry date or any other detail pertaining to the product is not mentioned on the packaging. I happened to meet the owner of ahad and had a chat with her and I really do genuinely like her and what her brand represents, but everyone’s skin is different and people can be allergic to something that suits me completely fine so for that matter I feel the ingredients and atleast the expiry date should be mentioned on the packaging. But the actual product is quite good. It’s a very gentle scrub so it can be used daily if you want, but as I have mentioned that I have a very sensitive skin I don’t use it daily. Also, this scrub has a very strong fruity scent almost like tutti frutti so I don’t reach for this product that often, still whenever I do, I like the effect it gives my skin.

  • Junaili Apricot Body ScrubIMG_20180814_211204

All I can say is that I love this product. It is an awesome product for tan removal and all you need to do is scoop a little bit of product in the palm of your hand add a little bit of water and then scrub you body with it. And I see a noticeable difference every single time I use this scrub. I am not kidding you guys I was vowed by it the first time I used it on my hands just to test it out. And to top it off, I don’t need to apply a body lotion when I use this. It just leaves my skin so nice and soft and it actually brightens up my skin. And you get a good bang for you buck. It smells so delicious that I almost wanna eat it. It’s amazing you guys and worth an experience!!


  • Vicco Turmeric Cream with Foam Base

This face wash is loooovveee. I have been using it almost 3 years now and all I can say is that this dry and sensitive skin’s best friend. I use this face wash every single day and it doesn’t strip my skin or anything. It cleans my face and makes it look fresh. Infact I have suffered through severe skin allergy in the past year and this has helped with the recovery every single time. I love it so much that I have 10 backups of this face wash because it is so hard to find. It is the best face wash I have ever used and it is soooooo cheap and sooooo good. Sidenote: I don’t know how people with oily skin will feel about this because my husband has oily skin and he doesn’t like this face wash at all, he says it dries out his skin.

  • Aroma Magic White Tea and Chamomile Face Wash

I have nothing positive to say about this product except it’s scent and I think it is the only reason why I keep giving this product another chance but it doesn’t seem to clean my skin, infact it creates a weird film on my face and makes it look really dull. Plus, on the back of this product it says it contains micro exfoliating beads and no offence to the brand but you get one bead in 10 pours and even that doesn’t exfoliate anything. I will continue to use it just because i purchased it but it is not a very joyful experience.


  • Satliva Mango Lavender Face Cream

When it comes to this product I can’t think of anything I like. This product was sent to me by the brand along with a shampoo(that I will talk about in another blog), but the moment I looked at the product I hated it. Due to head it melted, so that tells me that it actually contains oil but oh my god this leaks everywhere. I was looking forward to this product because I thought that because of the sleek packaging it will be easier to travel with, but I can’t even keep on my vanity without it creating a huge oily mess. And, I don’t even like the product inside. Even for my dry skin this is way too oily. It doesn’t hydrate my skin, it just sits on my skin and every time I put this on i feel like I am looking sick. For so many reasons, it just sits packed in a bubble wrap in my vanity.

  • Ahad Sandal

Again, I am iffy about the packaging of this product. I actually met the owner of ahad and she gave me a bunch of goodies and it was a very nice experience meeting her but with every single one of their products I have an issue with product details not mentioned on the packaging or any product detail provided along with the packaging. That said, I love this cream. I have to say it has a pretty strong sandal scent, so if you don’t like it you might not like this product but personally I love the scent and I love the cream as well even my husband does. It is so hydrating and has a cooling effect on the skin that I just want to apply it on my face all day. I wish she makes a hand cream int his scent.


  • First Water Solutions Pure 21 Face Serum

Out of all the products that I have talked about in this blog, I love this the most. I met with one of owners of FWS and she gave a bunch on products, some full size and some samples and I have come to the conclusion that I love this brand. I even love the foundation of this brand. All their products have derived from one of the owner’s grandmother’s journal and I love that. Coming back to the product(sorry I go off the topic all the time) I love it. So, I have been using it for almost a month now even my husband is(and he likes it as well btw) and I use it only at night time and I love the way my skin feels when I wake up in the morning. But, last week I suffered from a severe skin allergy cause due to some product used by a beauty expert on me, but the moment I applied this serum on my face the allergy stopped spreading. Now, I have been using it in conjunction with the medicated ointment prescribed by my dermatologist and honestly this helped in speeding up the process of recovery of my skin. I am going to purchase a full size of this very soon!!!

  • Azafran Organics 24 Hours Glow Overnight Skin Repair Formula

This product was sent to me by the brand as an apology for a mess up created by their customer service. But, they sent me this product in the end of last month and it expires in september so in a few days it will just go to waste. And that’s alright for me because it clearly mentions that it is suitable for sensitive skin and it actually is not. I still tried it but it opened my pores and made my skin really weird but people with oily skin might really like it as my husband loves it, he says it has made a difference in his skin and he feels his skin feels smoother and cleaner now, so sucks for him because it expires in a few days.


  • Azafran Organics Illuminating Dewy Mist

This mist does exactly what it says but it is not hydrating by any means. But I love using this as a primer and as a setting spray. It takes away a powdery matte look and makes my extremely dry skin dewy and nice. And I love it as a primer because it has a very sticky finish so makeup really sticks to this and lasts a pretty good time. If I have to choose, then I would use it as a primer more. Good stuff!!!

  • First Water Solutions Face Mist(Jasmine&Rose)

So, the goodies that the owner of FWS gave me also included a full size of Jasmine and a sample of Rose face mist and I love them both. I am almost done with both of them. I use Jasmine one more because its full size but I also love that natural and serene jasmine scent it gives my face. It makes my skin feel so hydrated and plump and it has a very fine mist. It actually lives in my purse now. I even use it to set my makeup on my “no makeup”makeup days and I love it, it makes my makeup one with my skin and it is definitely a staple for me now.

  • Imiana House Sandalwood & Neroli Toner Mist

I really like this mist ass well. It has a very nice and subtle sandalwood scent which I love and has decent spray as well. But don’t hold it too close to your face it has to be held at some distance as it has a long mist and holding too close will just create a mess. It hydrates my skin really well but still I don’t think I will ever repurchase this because you get way too less of a product for the price and I get a lot more product and uses out of my FWS face mists at almost the same cost so I will keep repurchasing that instead of this.

So Guys, these were all the products I wanted to talk about in this blog. And I have been thinking about starting this as series on my blog so lemme know down below if you would be interested in that also I would love some recommendations from you guys as well, like what would you like to read about in future and if you wanna recommend some products that I can try would recommendations from your end.

Please don’t be offended if you have a different opinion regarding any of these products because everyone’s skin is different, so everyone has their own preferences and likings. I have nothing against any brand out there, I just want to be very honest with my reviews, I am trying out so many products so I am bound to like and dislike a few things and that’s what a review is right??

Thank you so much for reading guys!!!

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  1. That’s a nicely done review of many different kinds of products. Would surely love to try out a few of them! 🙂


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