Miniso Haul & Review-Part I

Hi Guys

So, a while back Miniso launched its stores in Delhi and everyone and I mean everyone went ham over the collection they offered . I remember, the first time I went there I was in awe with their collection. And the only thing I told Sumit, my husband was that I hope they launch a makeup and skin care range soon, and then the magic happened. Almost three weeks later I heard that they have added their makeup and skincare range to their collection.

They have come out with a tonne of products and I went crazy and bought more than I should have, but I wanted to review them for you guys, so that you know what worked out for me and what didn’t.

To make sure that this blog is not too long, I will be dividing this into two parts.

So, let’s get started.


The first thing that caught my eye was the packaging, I just love the packaging of this product. But when I came home and swatched it, I felt like I wasted my money. It was too sheer and too liquidy for my liking and seemed a little bit yellow for my skin tone. But, once I applied it on my face I loved it. It gives you a very sheer coverage and makes your skin look even and dewy. And for my extremely dry skin I like anything that would make me look dewy. It lasts a pretty good time as well, considering its just a BB cream. My favorite way to apply it is with the sponge it came with or a brush, a beauty blended just soaks up all the product. The only thing I am little iffy about is the color, this is the only shade, I don’t see it working for many skin tones, which is not good miniso.


I picked up mine in the shade Ivory, but again there were not many color options to choose from. A tester for this product was available at the store and the moment I swatched it on the back of my hand, I knew that I was gonna love it and I really do. It comes with a little sponge which I don’t use at all and I don’t like the packaging much either, but its the story with almost every loose powder out there, using them is a a mess. Anyway, I love this powder for baking. I know I know I know, baking sounds really weird for a dry skin, but I don’t like looking too dewy on my forehead and under my contour and it is a really good baking product. Love it!! I highly recommend this.


I hate this!!!! I know that’s really harsh to say but no, the very first time I put it on my lashes I took it off in 10 minutes. The next time I tried this , I ended up taking it off again. First off all I hate the strong chemically scent and I like more voluminous lashes which I was not able to with this mascara. It did do a pretty good job of lengthening my lashes but 2 minutes after I applied it, I started noticing that my lashes were very crunchy and hard and they literally sticky. It was a mission taking it off as well, for that reason it I will never ever use it again and won’t recommend it.

  • PROTECTION EMULSIONIMG_20180819_165020

This product caught my eye because on the packaging it says “corrects open pores” and I am still on the hunt for a good pore minimizing primer. And it does a pretty good job of minimizing my pores, you can only see them if you get really close to my face when I apply this primer but not from far, so that’s pretty good. Not only that it brightens up my skin as well, it makes my skin looks even whenever I apply this, and a little more brighter than it is and I really like that. And I love the combo of this primer with the BB cream just FYI 😉


I picked up mine in the shade Deep Nude because I like more warm and nude colors to wear on my eye lids and I don’t like this. These shadows do not have any good pigmentation, they are too glittery and feel really really stiff. And I don’t mind a glittery shadow but once I am done applying this I have glitter all over my face. The only shade I do like is the gold one, but still, even with fix plus they don’t work or last on the eyes. Out of everything I was most disappointed with this product because I had good expectations from it.

  • HYDRO GLOSSY LIPSTICKIMG_20180819_172456

I am so sad to end the blog on a negative note but these are among one of the worst lipsticks I have ever used. I picked up 2 shades 03 Nude Pink and 07 Cosy Pink. They are so patchy even when you swatch them, and they emphasize the texture of my lips and they get even worse when you apply two coats. I have tried to work with them, even by applying a lip liner underneath but these are just awful.

P.S. : I am a savage, ended up breaking one of them while I was taking swatches!!!

I did try other lipsticks from different collection of this brand which I do like but I will be talking about them in part II, so don’t forget to check it out as well coming Wednesday.

Here’s a sneak peak of the products that will be reviewed in the upcoming blog


Ok guys, so these were all the products I wanted to talk about today. In my next blog I will be reviewing the remaining products as well. Hope this was helpful in some way.

Thank you so much for reading guys!!!

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    1. Yes, I do when I am doing a minimal makeup look. I have dry and sensitive skin so I cannot use it everyday otherwise I get little white bumpies on my face. If you wanna a try an affordable one then give Nivea after shave lotion for sensitive skin a try. You won’t be disappointed.


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