Miniso Haul & Review Part-II

Hi Guys,

So today’s blog is gonna be a part II to my miniso makeup haul and review blog. I posted part-I already and I will link it at the end of this blog just in case you guys didn’t catch that. Basically, I just purchased some makeup products that miniso released in India not too long ago and I decided to review them after testing them out for almost a month because there are a lot of hits and misses.

So, let’s get started!!


I picked up mine in the shade 01 luminous nude, which is lighter than my skin tone, but I like to set my face and specially under eyes with a powder lighter than my skin tone because I love the brightening effect it gives. That said, I love this powder, I love everything about this. It has such a nice silky and smooth texture and it just does a great job of setting my foundation and concealer. It doesn’t cake up on my face or emphasize any of the dry patches I have and it does not even give me a flashback in photos. This has become a staple for me; whenever I know I will be going to an event and I need the brightening effect I grab this. One thing I have to say though, a little goes such a long way with this product because it is very pigmented , so it can get too much and too powdery very soon if you are not careful. Just saying!!!


Now let’s talk about something that I did not like at all. This is pink guys I mean literally pink. In the swatch it looks little bit whiter but it’s pink. So, when I am done applying this, my face looks pink. It does brighten up the skin and it does look less pink once I apply the foundation but it just doesn’t sit well with my skin. It emphasizes every single texture I have on my skin and clings on to the dry patches. And I think I am allergic to the extremely strong and chemically scent in this, my face always feel itchy after applying this plus I noticed little white bumps on my face after I wore this. This product is not meant for dry and sensitive skin!!

P.S. : I just noticed that I got mine in the shade 02 light pink, which is funny because I didn’t even notice that it comes in different shades. SUPER!!!!!


I picked up mine in the shade 02 purple because this was the only shade available there. To be very honest I have only tried it twice. So, it’s soon for me to like or dislike it. But the two times that I tried it I loved it, it felt very hydrating and did do a pretty good job of brightening my skin. I will be testing it out over the period of next month and then update you guys on social media regarding how I feel about it. Meanwhile, lemme know in the comments if you guys have tried it and if you liked it or not 🙂


I picked up two shades; 01 orangish red and 02 peach red. First of all the naming sucks. Peach read is straight up pink, there is nothing peach or red about it. I would like to add that in the photo it looks a little bit purple but it’s straight up pink. I don’t like these!! They don’t blend easily and they just look weird and patchy and emphasize the texture underneath. They don’t even last on my skin, two hours after I apply this, I just don’t see it anymore. It doesn’t even last with a setting spray. I just don’t like the formula on these.


I got mine in the shade 01 luminous nude and that’s exactly what this is. It makes you look sooooo glowy and provides a sheen to your face and brightens up the skin. It reminds me a lot of Milani illuminating face powder, which I love btw. This powder just gives me a little more brightening effect than the milani one and I love that. I don’t like baking with this product or set my under eyes with it because it just looks really patchy if you do that. And I  really like the sponge that comes with it, most of the times I will just use that. A+ to this product.

  • HYDRO MAKEUP BASEIMG_20180821_195904

I have a love-hate relationship with this product. It feels so hydrating on my skin, like I have mentioned 10,000 times before, I have a very dry skin so I always tend to lean towards products that are hydrating and gonna make me look dewy and glowy from within. That said, it does hydrate but the dewey-ness just blends away. When you pour it out, it has a creamy off white-ish color but when you start blending it on your face it turns peachy pink and this has very very very fine pink shimmer in it which does not look weird or glittery on the skin, you can barely see the shimmer, which is good because I don’t like glitter on my face, only on my eyes. But that’s it, it blends away into nothing, and once you apply the foundation, the barely there sheen goes away as well. And I didn’t feel that it prolonged my makeup in anyway either. I will continue to use it though only for the hydration it gives my face. Maybe I’ll mix with a more dewy or non hydrating primer. I do like but I don’t love it!!


I purchased mine in the shades 05 pink and 06 natural nude. First of all I love the packaging, it’s magnetic guys. For a savage like me this is genius, looove the packaging!! I pretty much like the formula as well on these, it’s much better than those horrible hydro glossy ones at least. These can also get patchy but they work well with a lip liner underneath. These are pretty sheer since they are creamy lipsticks so I like putting a matte lip liner underneath so that it doesn’t slip and slide through out the day. On it’s own it can get pretty patchy with 2 layers if you haven’t exfoliated before, at least on my lips it does. I like natural nude a little bit more than pink mainly because I love peachy nudes. Pink looks so good if you just lightly tap it on your lips, it feels like that you have baby pink lips naturally. On and all it’s a good product but I don’t think that I will pick up more shades.

Ok guys, so these were all the products I wanted to talk about today.

On and all there are hits but huge misses for me when it comes to cosmetic line at miniso. I had really good expectations from this brand and I did get to find some gems here but as a whole it’s alright. They have expanded there skin care range as well and I got a body lotion from there which I am loving as of now, so will be picking up some skin care from this brand and will definitely update you guys on social media when I will reviewing them as well, so follow me if you haven’t already 😉

Thank you so much for reading guys!!!

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Miniso Haul and Review Part-I :

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