Kathleenlights X Colourpop The Zodiac Collection Review

Hi Guys,

I am so so soooo excited and anxious at the same time to tell you that today I am going to be talking about the The Zodiac Collection that Kathleenlights came out in collaboration with colourpop. I think this is going to be one of the blogs closest to my heart in my entire life. This is even more special because it was gifted to me by my husband. I wanted to get the limited edition package just because it looked so pretty but that went out of stock the second I was in the process of making the payment, (yes that’s right). So, I just got the bundle of the collection instead which was cheaper. And it was delivered without any hassle, otherwise international deliveries can be very difficult to deal with, in fact I was able to get the free shipping because my order was above $50 so that’s cool as well.

First of all, I love Kathleenlights!!! In my opinion she can do no wrong. I have been following her for years now and I can proudly admit that she is the woman who taught me about makeup and introduced me to another world. Aside from my husband and my family, she is the one who inspired me to start writing my own blogs. Everything about her is just amazing, in my opinion Kathleen can do no wrong. This is also giving me so much anxiety, because nothing can get better for me in the makeup world, as I am using the products created by one of my mentors.

I feel like I will never shut up talking about her, I can just write a blog about her if I have to(haha). So before this blog takes a million years to write and read, let’s get started with the review.

So basically, she came out with a bunch of things in this collection, an eyeshadow palette, supernova shadows lux lipsticks, and super shock cheek highlighters.

I am going to be starting with super shock cheek highlighters and work way up to the eyeshadow palette.


With this collection they(Kathleenlights X Colourpop) launched 2 shades; On the cusp & Fire, and I love these. I love the color selection, these colors will be able to target so any skin tones and if one of them or either of them does no suit your skin tone, in that case they can totally be used as an eyeshadow. Like, fire is too deep for my skin tone, (right now I have a little bit of tan so I make it work), but otherwise I use it as an eyeshadow or my inner corner highlight and it looks insanely beautiful. They have a very creamy formula so your fingers are going to be your best friends to apply these. I have to say that with these, a little goes a very long way and these are the best highlighters for a night out if you want that ultra metallic beaming highlight. And the best part is that you can get that look without wetting them. Loooooove these!!!!!

P.S. : I am so sorry for the awful swatch guys, the lighting was just awful the day this pic was taken.

  • LUX LIPSTICKIMG_20180828_211634

She came out with two shades in this as well, What’s your sign & Scorpio Moon. One thing I have to say, I love how she has named every single thing in this collection. This collection speaks of Kathleen, I mean I can just look at it and say it’s her. These feel high-end!! The packaging is so nice, it has little stars on it and I love the formula as well, I mean they are so pigmented, for the price you get amazing quality guys. They last a very long time on my lips, they do transfer a little but still they stay in place. I love the shade scorpio moon out of the two of them but that’s because I am partial to anything with purple in it. But I see myself grabbing what’s your sign more because it’s a classic nude and this goes with so many looks and so many colors as well, and most of the time I’ll just mix these two together and wear that because they pair so well with each other.

  • SUPERNOVA SHADOWIMG_20180828_205945

Again she launched 2 shades; Constelation & Astrology, and I am not saying this because its her, but I love these, I love the formula. These last all freaking day. Once they dry down they don’t budge. I love everything about them, the formula, the color, the packaging I mean EVERYTHING!!! These are so pigmented and the applicator is amazing as well. Out of the two, I have to say that constelation is my favorite only because I love those bronze-y and rose gold shades more than gold but as recommended by Kathleenlights(I feel like I have mentioned her name a thousand times now) I applied astrology in the outer corners of my eyes and it took my eye look from like a 50 to a 100. I loooooooove them. One thing I would like to suggest is that make sure that this is the last step in your eye look, and when I say last I mean before you go in with your eyeliner and mascara, because these dry down so fast and once they are dry they don’t move. So, in my opinion do the who look and then in the end just pop one these on your lids and you are done!!

  • THE ZODIAC PALETTEIMG_20180828_203411

This is my most favorite thing in this collection. Colourpop is so affordable and they give you such a nice quality at such a reasonable price which is highly appreciable. Coming to this palette, I love the color selection, I admit that the colors could have been arranged in some manner to make it look more appealing but you can’t arrange the zodiac signs that way. I did a lot of study and most of these colors scream the name of the zodiac signs they represent. The Gemini is my favorite because that’s my zodiac sign, and that said I can’t leave out The Libra because that’s my sister’s and looking at this color I actually think of her. Also The Sagittarius is my favorite as well for 2 reasons, first of all this zodiac sign belongs to 3 of my favorite people in the world; my dad, brother in law(more like brother) and my niece(my sweetheart, a hug from her is all I need to make my day better) and second of all, its purple, the perfect purple might I add. Last but not the least, The Aquarius belongs to 2 of the most coolest people in my life; my mom and my husband so I am partial towards that shade as well plus it also belongs to Kathleenlights <3.

I have done so many looks with this palette already and not one of them disappointed me. They blend so nicely that even a beginner can use these. The Taurus is such a nice transition shade, it can be a cool toned or a warm toned brown as per your wish. The Libra works perfectly fine in the crease and the lid as well, I most end up doing one shadow look with this shade, also it’s an amazing blush. If I started talking about every single color, we would be here for hours.

Every single color in this palette is a gem. I love them all.

Checkout one of the looks I did using this palette : https://www.instagram.com/p/BnA_RBtBJCq/?taken-by=bellezamore_rgs

and subscribe for many more upcoming looks using this palette 😉

Thank you so much for reading guys!!!

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