One Brand Review : Wabi Sabi

Hi Guys,

If you remember, almost 2 weeks back, the day my blog was launched I did a huge organic skincare review from different brands and I told you guys that I am thinking of starting this as a series on my blog. Well, it’s a mini part of that series ;). Today I am gonna be talking about WABI SABI.

I happened to talk to the owner of wabi sabi and she is so sweet. She told me a little story of how her brand came to life and it was so lovely. I actually bought all the products myself and then she gave me one thing complementary that I will be talking about in this blog as well. By the way I forgot to mention that all their products are naturally produced so that’s an A+, becauase I will do anything to stay away from all those harsh chemicals!!


I freaking love lip balms. I have lip balms throughout my house, I even keep a backup in the car and a lip balm always lives in my purse. I get chapped lips very easily and I just like wearing a lip balm underneath lipsticks especially those dry ones. Back in the days I was crazy over Vlcc mint flavored lip balm because I love the cooling sensation it gave my lips but it cannot be found anywhere anymore, I did find one 3 years back but they changed the formula I guess. Anyways, this lip balm is so much better. It gives me an even better cooling sensation and whenever my lips feel chapped and irritated I just grab this and it works like a charm. This lip balm lives on my bed-side table so that’s saying a lot!! But this is the kind of lip balm that I put on when I plan not to wear any lipstick, because the formula of this is so thin that it doesn’t work under any lipstick. And one more thing I would like to add is that I absolutely hate the packaging on this, the packaging does not do justice to the product inside. It is not a travel friendly lip balm because after 2 uses the cap will just fall right off and it has such sharp edges that I get a cut almost every time I use this. I wish they would just change the packaging on this!!

  • SCALP RE-BOOT HAIR SCRUBIMG_20180902_141055

I don’t like this!! Well I don’t exactly hate the product but I just didn’t see any difference after using this. It did not strip my hair or anything so that’s good but I did not feel my scalp was extra clean after using this, in fact it felt a little heavy even after giving it really good rinse. That said, I am still going to use this and may be I will like it in future who knows. Plus I would like to give a huge shout out to the packaging, I love the fact that it’s glass and easy to handle, so that’s cool.

  • AVOCADO HAIR SMOOTHIEIMG_20180902_134025

This was the product that gained my attraction towards their brand. First of all, I just loved how they have named everything, it’s so damn cute. The product is out of this world as well. It made my hair so smooth and soft, after I used this product I kept touching my hair all day, and usually I have to wash my hair after a gap of two days but this kept my hair fresh for 3-4 days which is pretty good. But, this costs 800 bucks guys and you might be thinking that what else do you expect from a hair mask girl but according to the owner this has to be used within 2 days of being made and has to be refrigerated. Don’t get me wrong, it comes in a beautiful glass bottle which can be rinsed out and used later but still, because of the expiration date of this amazing product they won’t ship it, you will have to do the leg work and get it yourself so that’s a lot of effort for one product. And, on the packaging of this product it says best before 4 months, I mean what???? Why are you writing 4 months on the packaging and then telling me that it only lasts for 2 days??? May be they have their own legal reasons or whatever but, I would rather go and buy an avocado from my nearest store and make a hair mask myself because it will still be cheaper, rather than spending more money and doing the leg work for one product. The product is really really good but I am not willing to go through so much hassle for one thing, to me it’s a sheer wastage of time and money, but that’s just my opinion.

  • LOOFAHIMG_20180902_141550

Well, she gave me the loofah complementary with all these other products that I purchased. To be very honest, I haven’t even used this; loofah’s with this texture always seem to strip my skin, because like I have mentioned a million times before I have a very dry and sensitive skin. I will surely be using it in future when I do my pedicure but again I don’t think that this little thing is worth the 100 bucks. That’s right, it’s worth a 100 bucks!! Clearly very very overpriced for this kind of a loofah(according to me). Even their lip balm is worth 200 bucks, that’s why I feel a little iffy about the packaging. Getting back to this product, I just don’t see myself using it ever except for a pedicure even then these things don’t last very long and that’s why it’s just not worth the money at all, I would rather spend more money and get a bigger and softer loofah sponge that does wonders to my skin.

I did like the brand but it’s a but over priced for my liking. I mean they do have good products and everything is homemade that too with natural products, and if you are someone who doesn’t mind paying the cost then sure you would love the products either way but for someone like me, it’s just not worth my money.

Thank you so much for reading guys!!!

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