Fab Bag Unbagging – September 2018

Hi Guys,

This Sunday, I received my September Fab Bag and I was going to post something else today but then I just decided to do a fab bag review instead. This month is very special for them as it’s their sixth anniversary edition, so the theme is quite suitable “Sensational Six September”. I just love the way they name their themes guys.

So, this month’s bag is really really cute. Mine is black and white and the quality of this bag is really good. Lemme tell you something, I have been a fab bag subscriber for more than 2 years now and the quality and size of their bags have improved a lot, I mean A LOT!!

Coming back to the bag, it contains a rate card, a contest card and mine also had a renewal subscription discount code as my subscription ended this month, and of course 7 makeup and skincare products.

Side-note : I won’t be mentioning the prices of the products as I have already added an image of the rate card in the beginning, so I hope that would be helpful. But, in near future if you guys want me to mention the prices separately as well then please lemme know in the comments.


As all the fab bag subscribers know, at the end of the month we get a mail from fab bag asking us to choose a makeup/skincare product to be including the next month’s bag. This time they asked us to chose between different shades of Sugar it’s a pout time vivid lipstick in a mini version. I have used this lipstick before, not the same shade and I loved it, I don’t remember the name though. It was a really pretty orange-red shade and I love such colors but I ended up giving that one to my mom. Coming back to this one, I love this shade. It’s a really pretty pinky peachy mauve with a hint of brown(that’s a terrible description btw) and I love such nudes and I just love the size, the formula, everything about this. It looks so natural on my lips and stays on them a really long time as well. I wish they start selling these mini versions of all the range that they have, and that would be perfect to try out and if you do like it then you can buy the full size and it’s just so easy to travel with plus because of the size you will always get an even application. It’s definitely going in my purse for sure!!


In the mail it also said that we will be receiving an additional make up product in our bag this month and I got so excited. And then I saw three bloggers’ videos in which they received the translucent setting powder recently launched by fab bag that got me more excited as I almost bought that product myself. But, I was so disappointed when I opened my bag I saw this mascara. Even then I decided to give it try but no, this product is not for me. First of all, I don’t tend to go waterproof mascaras, still I have some that I really love like the l’oreal lash extension one is amazing. Secondly, this doesn’t give me any volume, it did lengthen my lashes but after 2 coats they were sticking together and they were soooo hard and crunchy, my god, I took it off immediately. Since then, I have been trying to use this mascara in my ways but every single time I end up not liking it. And I hate the strong chemically scent, it smells just like those white board markers. I am never gonna use this product ever again, this sucks!!


I used this product just today actually and it’s okay I guess. I used it just my hands and arms and I did not see any difference after. It’s very natural and when you smell it, you can really smell the lavender but I don’t know guys. I am actually afraid to put this on my face because the scrubbies I felt that it dried out my skin a bit so I don’t want this anywhere near my face. And this is pretty expensive for the quantity that you get. So, I don’t know, it’s just okay.


As you guys know, I love facial mists. The First Water Solution face mist in the scent jasmine is my favorite facial mist ever and this wasn’t bad either. I have been using this since I got it and it’s not bad. The spray on this is very squirty and a lot of product comes out so you actually and I tried applying this over makeup and all I can say is, don’t do it guys. I ended up getting water droplet patches all over my face because of the spray on this and the scent is pretty strong, I had keep my nose closed for pretty long time but it does wear off in few minutes and it didn’t seem to irritate my skin either. In fact, it felt pretty hydrated and fresh. So far so good.


After the sugar lipstick I am most excited for this product because I love sheet masks and on the packaging it says that it’s a moisturising sheet mask, yayyy!! My extremely dry skin needs all the moisturisation it can get so I am definitely gonna be using this and update you guys on insta if I liked it or not. My social media links will be at the end of the blog as usual, just in case you are not following me already 😉


I love that through fab bag I get to try out so many brands and I just love these small travel friendly samples that we get. Again, the scent is pretty strong so not sure if I’ll be putting this on my face but I used it on my hands and liked it. Actually, I might be travelling for a week next month so I will be taking this with me and giving it a fair shot. Will keep you guys updated on social media, so you know what to do 😉

  • ACNES FOAMING FACE WASHIMG_20180905_160308

I also received a sample of this face wash but it’s mentioned in the rate card so I guess it was just a perk for their anniversary month. I am pretty sure that we have received this product in our bags before but I haven’t tried it cos it’s meant for oily skin and like I have mentioned a million times before my skin is very very dry, so I am gonna pass it along to my husband or maybe I’ll take it to that trip with me for him to try and then give you an update.

On and all it was an okay bag for me this month. If I have to chose the lipstick is my most favorite product in this month’s bag and actually quite excited to try the face mask. Also, I liked that facial mist. But I hate that mascara and other products I have to try as well to know if I love or even like them or not. Hoping that the next month’s bag is even better though :).

Thank you so much for reading guys!!!

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