Miniso Brushes Review

Hi Guys,

So, I think almost 2 weeks back I did a 2 part review of miniso makeup product and I gave you guys my thoughts on what I felt was worth going out and spending your on and what’s not. Well today, I am gonna be talking about a few makeup brushes launched by the brand miniso, let’s jump right into it.


You guys have to know something about me, I usually don’t wear makeup, I only wear makeup when there is an occasion or when I am going someplace really nice and of course when I testing out makeup. Most of the times I’ll just put some concealer, do my brows and put on the mascara and I am out the door, but there are mostly days when I don’t even wanna do that. No matter where I am going, I will always do my brows, I will skip any step but this. Even though I would say that my brows are pretty thick but I love really bushy brows don’t know why. Until few months ago I just used use a dried up mascara wand which was quite thin and tiny to comb through my brows and make them as fluttery and bushy as possible but still I was on the hunt got a good eye brow spoolie and I just didn’t find that but I also found an amazing brush. This has become my holy grail guys. This came in a set an eye shadow brush which I will be talking about as well but holy crap, this brush is amazing. The brush is perfectly angled and stiff enough to do my brows and the spoolie is just amazing. And the best part is that it’s so cheap. Good stuff seriously!!


This is the other brush that came in a set with the eye brow brush and I like this brush as well. This a fat eye shadow brush and I have been loving using this whenever I go for a one shadow look. I’ll just take a little bit of shadow and pop it on my lid with this brush and then once I am done I will just tilt it in the other direction and start working that color onto my crease as well and that gives me a perfect one shadow look. I have also been loving this to put on highlights. Now, this brush is quite dense and synthetic(all of the miniso brushes are synthetic btw) so I would say keep a very light hand as this brush picks up a lot more product than a real haired one would. If you are not careful and put too much pressure while applying highlight with this, it can life up the foundation underneath and create a real mess, so just be very careful. On and all this set costed my I think 150 or 250 bucks and getting such quality at such price is like finding a gem.


This is the one brush about which I am like, it’s alright. First of all this brush is so soft ,it doesn’t feel scratchy on the face either, and it’s in the same price as that set that I just talked about which is really good. But, the first time I tried to apply powder with this, I noticed that it lifted my foundation underneath, so then I tried to work with through foundation and that was even worse, you could see the streaks and it was just an awful experience. So, I thought of trying it out with powder and cream blushes but that went down the lane as well and I think that’s because this brush is soooo dense. The only way I can use it is when I am using a cream contour, even with that I have to tap it in my skin, if i rub then it starts lifting the foundation underneath. I guess I would say that out of all of them, this one is my least favorite.


Again, i just can’t get over the fact that how soft these brushes are. I have to say that out of all the miniso brushes that I own, this one is that least dense. But for my liking it’s too fat for contouring, even though I can just tilt it and make it work but I have other brushes for contouring that I like more. But, I have been loving to use this to set my under eyes with a pressed powder. With a loose powder I did notice that it can get a bit streaky but with pressed powder it’s just amazing. And I also like using this with a pressed powder foundation as well.


Out of all the brushes and makeup I got from miniso this was the purchase that I was most excited for. The moment I looked at this kit, it reminded me of the real techniques travel essentials kit and I have always wanted to try it but it costs 1,700 bucks (on nykaa) so I never bought it. This a complete dupe of the real techniques one and it also comes with a travel brush holder, and this was less than half the price so I was I like 100% I am gonna pick it up and try it. So basically, this set comes with 3 brushes, multifunctional brush, foundation brush and a loose powder brush, just like the real techniques one, I mean they didn’t even bother to change the color of these brushes, these are complete dupes of those brushes. I have to be honest, I haven’t even touched the foundation brush as I don’t use these kind of brushes for foundation but I do like to use them for applying face masks and stuff. I don’t even use the loose powder brush with loose powder, this brush is so amazing for cream shadows. This brush applies cream shadows like a dream. I usually use my finger for cream shadows but whenever I am on the go I just use this brush and it’s amazing. But, the real gem here is the multifunctional brush. Oh my god, I love this brush, I can do so many things with this, I can contour, apply my bronzer or set my foundation and concealer with this, but my favorite way to use this brush is with a blush and one specific blush, Faces Canada Glam On Perfect Blush (shade : Gold Dust 03). This brush gives such a nice application with this blush, any blush actually but I don’t know why whenever I grab this brush that blush that comes to my mind is this one. This combo is to die for. I have to say that these brushes feel really soft to the touch but are a little bit scratchy on the face, still for the price you can’t go wrong. These give me a beautiful application and don’t irritate my skin. I highly recommend them.

Btw I just wanna add that these brushes wash really well and their quality remained the same even after being washed like 10 times and they haven’t shed on me once so that’s cool. Lemme know in the comments down below if you are interested in seeing a video on how I clean my makeup brushes, because I wanted to share with you guys how I clean my brushes in ways which can be cost effective

So guys, these are all the brushes I own from miniso and I have to say that I am more impressed with their brushes than their makeup range.

Thank you so much for reading guys!!!

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