Nykaa Haul & Mini Review

Hey guys,

This month makeup forever was launched on nykaa so I had to pick something that I always wanted and have heard people rave about for such a long time. While I was browsing through the app on my phone, I picked up a bunch of things as well, so I thought to myself why don’t I just do a haul for you guys. I did try out a bunch of these products to give you a guys a sort of mini review.

Let’s just get started.


From the very moment I saw that MUFE was launched I knew the first thing I wanted to own from this brand was this foundation. For a very very very long time I have seen and heard people rave about this and I always hoped for this brand to be launched here so that I could try out this foundation and my prayers were heard. This foundation was pretty expensive but it was worth it. I picked up mine in the shade Y305 which is perfect for my skin tone. First of all I love the packaging, I love that it has a pump and it comes in a plastic bottle so it’s travel friendly. I don’t like glass packaging in foundations because I am messy and I tend to break things. Anyways, it gives me medium to full coverage but I can build it up. It applies beautifully with a beauty blender or a brush and it looks just amazing in pictures, no flashback either. I wore it the other day and it lasted a pretty good time without any setting spray. It’s just amazing. One thing I have to say though, you have to set it this foundation, it is a little bit tacky to the touch so I feel like setting it with a good powder is necessary. I am in love with this product and I know I am going to be wearing it a lot during events or functions. Expensive but worth it!


For the first week nykaa offered a free MUFE lipstick on purchase of 3k and above MUFE products. Since, I bought this foundation, I got an option to select one lipstick from the shades available and I chose this one because I love matte lipsticks and I own a lot of pink lipsticks and but I have none in this shade. I always felt that these kind of colors don’t suit on me so I never bought colors like these. But, I decided to step out my comfort zone and give it a try and I love it. First of all I love the packaging, it feels high-end, it’s quite heavy and sturdy. Now coming to the color, it’s sort of like a bubble gum pink and I love it, light to medium skin tones will really really love this color, even with a dark skin tone I think you came make it work by applying 2 layers. I am just loving the formula of these lipsticks as well, they do dry down matte but they stay very comfortable on the lips and do not emphasize any of the dryness I have on my lips. This has quickly become my everyday shade. Can’t wait to pick up more shades.


Just before MUFE Revolution pro was also launched on nykaa and it seems like luxury addition to makeup revolution. I decided to pick up a foundation mixer in the shade darkening as I didn’t own any until now. I buy foundations online sometimes I end up getting the wrong color so I thought it would be great to mix in and darken up the shade or use when I am tan. I did like this product, it didn’t disturb the formula or consistency of my foundation but I don’t know why but I feel that this one has a little but of grey undertone so my foundation looked a bit grey. I have just used this once so my opinion could totally change but for now I liked this. One tip though, don’t try to use this product to contour, it’ll be a hell of a bad decision….trust me!


I was eyeing this brand for quite some time and once there was a sale I picked up a few products and one of them is this. This eyeshadow is freaking amazing guys. I got mine in the shade 16 which is my favorite color purple and it is one of the most gorgeous purple colors with tiny little flex of silver Glitter. The first time I used it, I used it as a base and I hated it, and it felt like money down the drain but the next time I applied this all over my lid with other shadows in a the crease and it stayed on my eyes all day and I wanna pick up all the colors now. This is such an amazing product, it blends so easily and I love the fact that it’s a stick shadow and it’s retractable so it’s really easily to apply. The only thing is that it’s very delicate so be gentle with this product. If you are someone who likes to do your makeup on the go, you are gonna love this product.


As I said, during the sale I bought a bunch of products and this lipstick came complementary with them. It’s a creme lipstick but it stays on my lips quite a long time. It loses its shine throughout the day but it leaves a nice stain on my lips. The color is really pretty as well, it’s a pink with a little bit of red and a little bit of mauve in it and I love such colors. Once the sale comes back, will definitely pick up some more shades.


I recently ran out of my tinted moisturizer so I decided to pick up the bb cream from this brand. It caught my eye because it comes in a squeeze tube and it has spf 30. I don’t wear foundation every day. For day to day I tend to go for tinted moisturizers or bb creams. I have only worn this once and I liked it. I bought mine in the shade 01 and the undertone is a bit pinky but I was able to make it work. The consistency of this cream is a bit thick and it has a really good coverage for a bb cream. I wore it for almost 17-18 hours and it lasted on my face a pretty good time even with a lot of sweating, so that’s pretty cool. I will definitely be trying out this product more and may be update you guys on insta,but so far so good.


I was eyeing this product for a long long time but it was always out of stock so I grabbed the opportunity and bought it the moment they restocked it. This thing is amazing guys. It has a silicone-y texture and it actually creates a veil on your face and smoothens it out which makes the foundation apply on it effortlessly and the foundation lasts a pretty good time as well. I am in love with this product and my dry skin is in love with it. Definitely another staple.


Milani is one of my most favorite brands. In my opinion milani can do no wrong. I have loved every single thing from this brand that I have tried till now. And as always this lipstick is amazing. They are not kidding when they say matte. They are super matte and sometimes can get a little bit drying on the lips so I would suggest putting a lip balm underneath. Ohh god I forgot to tell you the shade, I got mine in the shade devotion and it’s a very pretty brick red with a little bit of brown in there. I also feel that this has little bit of pink undertone but I could be totally wrong. With such dark colors I always like to put a lip liner underneath so that they don’t slip or slide and most with such colors I see them chipping off or they are patchy but that’s not the case with this one. It will stay on your lips and you will have to use an oil at the end of the day to take them off. These are like tattoos for your lips. I am tempted to pick up some more nude shades from this range.

OK guys, so these were all the products I got from nykaa. Please let me know in the comments down below if there’s anything you would like me to try out and also whether you have tried out any of these products and if you like them or not.

Thank you so much for reading guys!!!

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