Monthly Favorites – Skin, Hair & Body Care #September 2018

Hey guys,

September has finally come to end, and I don’t know how the time flies, I feel like I am gonna blink and it’s going to 2019 tomorrow. Since the month has come to an end I decided to sit down and recollect all the things that I was loving this month. And I was shocked at how many good things I discovered this month. That’s why I am splitting this monthly favorites blog in 2 parts one for skincare and one for makeup because honestly if I would just combined the two, it would have been just too much.

I tried a lot of skincare this month and I have to be very honest I am sort of combining my August and September monthly favorites as I do a blog on monthly favorites last month and most importantly there are a lot of things that were repetitive for me this month so I decided to combine the two.


I have already talked about this product in my very first blog so not going to get into too much detail. I love this product. There was a time when I was spraying this everyday in every few minutes because I just couldn’t get away with hydrated and fresh my skin looked. Whenever I am doing a no makeup and minimal makeup look I always grab this. I recently ran out of mine so I have to get another one as I am travelling next week and this goes with me wherever I go.


I just can’t stop bragging about this product enough. I use this all over, I take a bath in this after I am done taking bath. I spray this on me, my pillow, my room, EVERYWHERE. I literally sprayed it on anyone that came to my home. My husband at one point got irritated with me and made me keep it aside as I was going crazy. Look guys, I am not crazy(may be a little bit) but I suffer from asthma and because of this disease I can’t wear fragrances as I am allergic to strong fragrances and when I was introduced to this it was like an answer to prayers. First of all it’s all natural so it is not harmful to my skin and because it so natural the fragrance is really really subtle natural as well. This and my face mist from first water are hangout buddies in my purse.


I would just like to put it out there that this blog is not sponsored by first water, I just really happen to love this brand and their products. Everything about this brand is amazing, the owners are so sweet and nice and their products are just too good. Again I have already blabbed about this product in my very first blog so not gonna go into too much detail, but if you want to get one thing from this brand, get this. It will be worth it. By the way, I will link the blogs down below where I have talked about any of the products before so that you can read my in depth review of them. This serum has helped with so many skin issues of mine, my skin feels healthier and better when I use this product. I have run out of this and need to purchase the full size bottle and the one I was using was a sample given to me by one of the owners and she is so sweet and nice. Really really good brand and products guys!


Again, a staple for me. I can’t live without this product now. I use this every other day and it makes my skin feel phenomenal. It also removes tanning and dirt quite well. I am going on vacation next week and I am definitely planning to take this as where I am going I know it’s gonna be sunny and I will be packing an SPF and good anti tan scrubs to help me maintain my natural skin color so this has to be there.


I love this cream. Again, I have spoken about this in detail in my first blog so not gonna go into too much detail but I just love using this cream at night time or whenever my face feels a bit itchy and I just love the sandal fragrance it has. It smells so amazing and the fragrance stays on your face for good 6-8 hours so that’s really cool. This product refreshes me every time I put this on my face and I take this with me now anywhere I travel. Even my husband can’t get enough of its fragrance 😂


This face pack is amazing guys. If you want that golden-ey glow to your face try this. I love using this the day before whenever I have to go somewhere and the next day I wake up with such a nice golden glow on my face, it’s just amazing. For my dry and sensitive skin I have to be really careful with what I put on my face specially with masks but this one is so hydrating and it makes my skin feel quite soft in comparison to other masks that I have used in the past. I always apply my ahad sandal cream after I use this face mask. It’s my favorite combo. This face pack is pricey but a little goes a long way and I use it on special occasions only. Definitely pick this up.


I have already spoken about this as well and I love this. Honestly, I was confused whether I should talk about my first water clarifying face scrub or this but after giving it a lot of thought I saw that I grabbed this scrub more and that’s mostly because it’s more gentle than my first water one. Don’t get me wrong, the first water one is treat but I use it only when I want a real deep cleanse and I use this one all the time. This just gives me such a nice natural barely there glow and it smells amazing. The fragrance of coffee is intoxicating to me and I almost wanna eat it. Really really good stuff.


This body butter is a dry skin girl’s best friend. Azafran organics actually sent me this product and I have been loving it since that day. It does exactly what it says. It is so hydrating but the same time it’s not greesy or anything. When you are applying this, it automatically gets absorbed in your skin and you don’t even feel like you have applied anything and it leaves your skin feeling so nice and soft. I have to be honest, I hate the scent of this but I love the wonders it does to my skin more. Can’t get enough of this.


Ok guys, so for years I have been obsessed with Biotique bio henna leaf shampoo, it’s my holy grail and to me nothing holds a candle to it. But then, I discovered same across this shampoo and this stuff is amazing. The texture of this shampoo is really weird, it’s like really thick and sticky but that’s good. Less is definitely more with this product and you have to really work it off in your hair. Let me explain, when I first applied this I was like what is this thing, it’s so sticky and it took me more time to distribute it evenly on my hair and Scalp and reach to a point where it’s not sticky but that was enough to scare me. And then when I washed my hair, they felt really hard and weird and I was like I hate this shampoo, my money has gone down the drain but when my wet hair started drying up I noticed that my hair were getting softer and thicker. Once they were completely dry I just kept playing with my hair all day long. Since then I have been using this and I have seen a noticeable difference in my hair. Even Sumit confirmed it that my hair seemed more voluminous and shiny now. In fact Sumit used it and he hated it as he didn’t massage the product properly in his Scalp and the next time he used it he loved it as well. This is an amazing product which does what it claims. Amazing!

OK guys, so these were all the skin, hair and body care products that I was loving this month. I would love to know your favorites this month so please let me know in the comments down below, I will check them out if I haven’t already.

Thank you so much for reading guys!!!

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