Monthly Favorites – Makeup #September 2018

Hey guys,

Today’s blog is going to be part 2 of my September monthly favorites which is makeup, apparently a very late one. I am so so soooooo sorry guys. This blog was supposed to go up on 3rd October and I scheduled my blog posts to go up automatically since I was on vacation but it was a mess. All the pictures that I took got deleted somehow so now I have to do it all over again. It was a struggle guys. I got back a few days ago but I just got busy with my home as it was really messy after I came back from vacation. I learned my lesson and now I know what I need to do before I go on vacation or places where I have any connectivity so that this won’t be repeated ever again. So anyways, my last blog included skin, body and hair care products, I will link it down below at the end of this blog, just if you haven’t read it before. I have a lot products to talk about so let’s just get started.


The very first thing I wanna talk about is this beautiful blush which is one of my most favorite discoveries this month. I always used to come across this brand but never picked anything up but one day I don’t know what got into to me and I decided to pick this up. This product has so many good reviews that I couldn’t resist myself. I picked up the shade gold dust because in my nykaa app it looked like a nice peachy white color and I thought that it might work as a pretty good highlight but when I got the product I noticed that it’s a very nice golden-ey peach color. When I swatched it, I was like no this is not for me, this doesn’t show up at all. But on my face it’s like it took another life and it looked so amazing and glow-ey. This is the only blush I wore this month and it goes with so many looks. At first the Glitter in this threw me off but once you tap off your brush the Glitter falls of and it your skin just looks like it’s glowing from within. I love everything about this product and it’s extremely affordable so that’s awesome. Definitely going to be picking up more shades and products from this brand.

Guys please ignore my super dry hand, I went to a lot of beaches and it took a toll on my dry skin.

  • MINISO MULTIFUNCTIONAL BRUSHimg_20181017_130104789883780.jpg

This brush has been a companion to my faces blush all freaking month. It comes in a little set which clearly is a dupe for the real techniques one and this one is way cheaper. I did a whole blog on miniso brushes so I will definitely link it down below. Without going into too much detail, I would like to add that it really is multi-tasking. I travel with this brush and use it to apply blush and contour and my powder. Sometimes when I am in a hurry I would use this for highlight as well. It’s a little bit scratchy but nothing too much. It’s a great brush and do check it out if you haven’t already.


I bought this product at the end of last month and honestly it has been one of my best purchases and the one closest to me. My saint of a husband gifted this to me on an occasion and I can’t shut up about it. I did a whole review on it, which I will link down below. I love the whole collection but the palette is really special. No matter what eye look I am doing I always go for this palette even if I am using any other palette. This is a staple for me. Infact, I took this palette with me on my vacation and I didn’t really makeup there but whenever I did I used this palette and it travels really well. I can’t shut up about this collection and kathleenlights in general. I love her and adore her so so soooooo much.

  • WET N WILD PHOTO FOCUS CONCEALER (01 LIGHT IVORY)img_20181017_130135857370914.jpg

A couple of months ago I bought this concealer and never really put it to the test, I think I only used it once or twice before and never really liked it that much. But this was the month when I really put it to the test and now I can’t put it away. This product is quite thick so has good amount of coverage and it does get a bit cakey, not if you set it right away though. It’s a very matte concealer, so I think people with oily skin are also really going to like it as well. I just love this brand guys, everytime with this brand I am like, what else can you do. I have a couple of products from this brand to talk about today. It has quickly become one of my most favorite brands out there.


Last month I bought a tonne of wet n wild stuff most of which I am still putting to the test. But, I love this product. First of all, you get a lot of quantity for the amount plus the quality is really good as well. It is  a little powdery s it has a lot of kick up but that doesn’t bother me as it blends really well and lasts a good time one me atleast. This contour is perfect, it’s not too ashy or too warm. It is perfect to create that shadow in the hollows of your cheeks and plus it blends so nicely. I don’t have any trouble blending this product. The powder that comes with it is really good as well. I use it to set my concealer all the time and it does as really good job of brightening up the under eyes and it doesn’t look cakey specially on my extremely dry skin.


Another wet n wild product which is a staple for me. I am half way through this lip liner already. It is the perfect nude in my opinion. It’s a pinky mauvey brown which goes so well with my skin tone. Most importantly it is retractable, I hate lip liners in a pencil form as it is really messy and I am too lazy to do that and mostly they are not ass creamy as the retractable ones. The formula is so creamy that it just glides on your lips. It is not a long wearing formula by any means because it’s so creamy but I love wearing this on its own or underneath nude lipsticks or specially on the days when I just feel like a gloss, I’ll just put this on my lips and then throw and nude or clear gloss on top.


The last wet n wild product I wanna talk about in this blog is this beautiful God send highlight. I already talked about this in one of my recent blogs which obviously I will link down below so not gonna go into too much detail but if you are looking for a very natural highlight then look no further. This doesn’t even look like you are wearing a highlight on your face. It’s so natural and delicious on the skin I just love it.

  • MILANI MAKE IT LAST SETTING SPRAYimg_20181017_130017330242591.jpg

No matter what skin type you are, be it oily or dry or combination or anything you need this. This product really brings your makeup together and makes your makeup one with the skin. Has that ever happened to you, that you are done with your makeup and even then you feel that something is missing or if it looks too powdery? It happens to me all the time and this is the answer to all my questions. It takes your look from 0 to 1000 its that good and the makeup lasts on my skin a long time as well whenever I use this. I love the mist on this as well, it’s so fine and delicious. I love it. I already have a backup added to my cart on nykaa app as I never wanna run out of this stuff.

  • NOTE MATTEMOIST LIP GLOSS – 404 JOLLYIMG_20181017_124448

For quite some time now matte glosses have been all the rage in the market but still there are a lot of people who are afraid to try them. I myself never really tried one but I thought I should atleast give it a try so picked up one from the brand that I have never even tried before and to my surprise I really like it. It’s not like a matte liquid lipstick that doesn’t transfer it is like a matte gloss. This color in particular is so pigmented and I love these kind of pinky browns. This gloss does dry down but it dries down to a matte finish not matte, I don’t know if I am making any sense. It almost feels powdery to the touch. It is so soft that you will need to put a lip liner underneath. Also this transfers through out the day but it creates like a stain on your lips that it lasts way longer than a gloss will. Definitely going to be trying out more shades and leave me in the comment down below if you guys have tried any matte glosses and I’ll pick them up and try them for myself.


It’s been a long time since I have been so excited about a mascara and this one is just so amazing. Best mascara l’oreal has ever made. It gives me so so so much volume that I never feel the need to apply falsies with it. Sometimes I paid it with maybelline gigi hadid mascara, actually I use the fiber mascara with it and oh my God, once you try that combo you will not need any other mascara. This mascara is waterproof so it feels a little drying and heavy on the lashes and sometimes it can get a bit crusty but I really don’t mind that as it wears really well on me. Definitely pick this up.

Ok guys so these were all the products I was loving in the month of September. Let me know down below the products that you were loving last month and I’ll try to check them out if I haven’t already.

Link for my previously mentioned products

Miniso multifunctional brush

Kathleenlights X Colourpop The Zodiac Palette

Wet n Wild Color Icon Bronzer – Reserve Your Cabana

Thank you so much for reading guys!!!

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  1. It’s always great when I see another person talk about L’Oreal’s mascara because it’s seriously one of the nicest drug store mascaras out there! Just letting you know that they offer the same type of mascara, but one that isn’t waterproof. So, it’s easier to take off and isn’t as heavy! Keep up the great work!


    1. I know the Mascara is too good, but apparently here in India only the waterproof variant is available. Thanks for letting me know though, I’ll keep an eye out for it and pick it up if it starts being sold here as well.

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