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Fab Bag Unbagging – October 2018

Hi guys,

Today’s blog is going to be a fab bag unbagging. I am sure you must have a seen thousands of videos and read blogs regarding this but everyone likes different things and I just wanted to share my opinion on this month’s bag. I got so excited when I came to know that they will sending a set of ten mini lipsticks in the bag and this is something I think they have never done before(don’t quote me on that though😜). Well let’s just get started with this.


This is the star product of this month’s bag. This month fab bag sent not one or two but a set of ten mini size lipsticks. To be honest I prefer this size because it’s so easy travel with and I always get a precise application with these. They are super pigmented but they are very very creamy so it will slip and slide unless you put a lip liner underneath. Also, I think that shade range could have been more versatile but there is not one single color that I don’t like, I just would have been happy to see more nudes. They sell this set on amazon as well, not sure about the shade range though if it’s the same but if you like creamy lipsticks, you’ll really like them. I have only 3 shades as of now, 02, 06 and 11 and so far so good.


When I opened my bag, the next thing I noticed was this product leaking all over, and the lid was loose as well so I don’t know what’s up with that. It’s just a concentrate that you are supposed to mix in with your oil and massage it on your scalp. On the packaging they have specified that you should mix it with coconut or olive oil but I’ll try to mix it with the oil that I am using currently and compare the results and definitely update you guys in the future. One thing I have to say though is that I hate the scent, it smells like grass to me but it’s supposed to be natural and organic so I’ll see and definitely update you guys. By the way the prices of each product will be included in the pic of the product and rate card posted along with all the products.


    This is one product I was iffy about. First of all it has a really really strong chemically scent so after I smelled it I sneezed for a good hour as I am allergic to really strong fragrances, just keep that in mind if you are too. And to be honest it just seems a bit too overpriced to me, I mean their soaps that are usually sold for 120 bucks for 125 gm and you get approx 100gm of the product(that’s exactly what it says on the packaging) which is specially crafted for fab bag, may be they are introducing this product through fab or my research lacks but I don’t understand this. I know that I will not be trying this product ever as I mentioned, the scent is too over powering fore, so I’ll pass this along to someone I know will like this.


    To be honest this is my most favorite product in this bag. It is very very expensive for the quantity that to you get but it’s quite good. I have only used it three times, not gonna lie but every time I loved it. First of all I love the fragrance, it smells like a combination of lily and Jasmine to me, mostly Jasmine and you know I love such fragrances. I haven’t noticed any changes in my skin yet but it does feel very hydrated when I put it on, and I need my hydration because I have a very dry skin as I say it in every single blog of mine. I also like this because it gets absorbed in my skin automatically and provides it good amount of hydration. So far I have been loving this product but considering the price it has to really wow me because if it does I will definitely be picking up the full size as this one I guess was specially made for fab bag.

    That’s it guys, these were all the products I got in my fab bag this month. The total value of this month’s bag was Rs. 2,124 which is really good considering what you pay for it. Let me know in the comments down below if you have received you bag yet and if you did then what are products you got and if you received any different shades of lipstick. Leave your comments down below.

    Thank you so much for reading guys!!!

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