Lujobox Unboxing #October 2018

Hi Guys,

I am extremely excited about today’s blog as I had been waiting for this since the day I subscribed. Yesterday I received the new subscription box launched in India called “Lujobox”. I was going to publish my blog on something else today but when it arrived at my doorstep I knew I have to write about this and give you guys my thoughts on this new beauty subscription box. First of all I love the name, because they named it in Spanish (the first half atleast), Lujo in Spanish means luxury, and if you guys didn’t know the name of my blog is a hybrid of Spanish and Italian, so kudos to that lujo box.

The very first time I came to know about this subscription service, it reminded me so much of boxycharm. If you guys don’t know, boxycharm is a beauty subscription service in the United States where they send you deluxe or full size 4-5 beauty products per month at a very reasonable price, with the description and cost of every single product mentioned in it. This reminded me so much of it and it looked really really promising so I had to subscribe for this.

They have a tonne of subscription plans for you to choose from, I’ll just leave their link down below so that you guys can check it out for yourself, also they sent three coupons in this box where you can get 15% off on 3 different brands, I’ll leave the coupon code along with brand name with the link. This blog is not sponsored btw, I am not affiliated with them and not gonna make any money with the link provided, I subscribed for it and paid for it. Currently, I am subscribed for 3 months but this looks so promising so I will just upgrade to another one after this one is over. Anyways, enough with the longest intro ever, let’s just jump right into the products we received.


    The first thing that grabbed my eye is this box after a free gift (which I will talk about in the end) was this product. I love hair products, and I love trying out hair masks especially, shampoos I am reluctant to put when they are new but I am always open to hair masks, specially when they are made out of organic and natural ingredients. One more thing that I liked about lujobox besides their packaging and many other things, that on the information card sent along with it, they actually tell you if they product is full size or not along with the prize and give you a little description of the product, so that’s really cool. Anyways, I was already going to wash my hair so decided to use this so I could give you a mini review, and I really liked it. It does have that lavender scent but it wasn’t my favorite even though I love anything with lavender in it. But I really liked the product, it made my hair so soft. You are supposed to apply this hair mask overnight or atleast 2 hours before you wash your hair so I applied it for around 3 hours and then I decided to not use any conditioner or other hair mask as I really wanted to test this. And I think I like it it made my hair so soft from within and surprisingly when I combed my hair after hair wash (I always let my hair dry before I comb them), I significantly had a less hair fall, I am gonna use this once a week and update you guys, how I feel about it. But, so far so good.


    The next thing that grabbed my eye was this gel liner and they revealed all the products on their insta page few days ago so I was quite excited to get this and I was hoping to get the emerald green as some people are gonna get royal blue but I don’t have an emerald green in my collection and I was relieved to get this shade. I was going to test this yesterday as well because it claims to be smudge proof and it’s supposed to last for 10 hours but my eyes have been so watery because of the changing weather and I had cold as well, I ended up rubbing my eyes all day, so it wouldn’t have been a fair test but I did swatch it and after a couple of seconds I tried to remove it and it stayed as it is on my hand, even washing my hands didn’t remove it properly so it looks really promising.


    Another elenblu product that we received in this month’s box was this eyeliner and it is supposed to be waterproof as well with a gloss like finish. First of all I love the packaging, I mean the box it was packed in, it gave me that Parker pen vibes. But I was not a fan of the packaging of the liner itself, because in my expression these sort of packaging have awful applicators, but to my surprise I really liked the applicator on this one. My eyes were watery so I didn’t keep it on my eyes, I washed them immediately after I applied it. I am a mess at a winged liner, I can never get it perfect but this gave me a perfect winger liner and it’s easily to apply a thin layer with this applicator, it was really easy, I did my liner on both eyes in less than a minute, which is too good for me considering I always take a million years to do my liner. Later I swatched it on the back of my hand and it did not budge even if I rubbed it really hard but it did dry down to a matte finish, not a glossy finish which I don’t mind because I prefer matte finish when it comes to liners. Really good product.


    The next product that I saw what this body butter and they have sent a deluxe size of this product and included the price of the deluxe size along with the full size which is highly appreciable. Mostly, the subscription services will send you a sample and include the price of full size product which makes it really hard to evaluate the actual cost of the product so I really liked this as well. I have to be honest I don’t like this packaging because once you open this, it becomes hard to store so I would have appreciated a small jar, but it will fit right in you travelling bath products so it won’t take too much space. I haven’t tried this yet, as I am currently testing out a body lotion but I will keep it aside and test this out and update you guys. But, I have a feeling that I am really gonna like this as it’s supposed to be really good for dry skin and it has amazing reviews as well. I’m excited!!!!

    • LA CURE – MUD MASK (Rs 449/-)

      This brand comes all the way from Jordan in this month’s lujobox. Again, some of the subscribers must gotten the mud scrub and some the mud mask and I wanted to the get the mud mask, I guess it was a lucky day. I have heard really good things about mud masks in general, that they are supposed to purify your skin and provide it a deep clean. On the description card they have specified regarding the odor of this product and they are not kidding, mud masks have a very strong odor and it’s really awful. I tried this product yesterday in the evening and first of all shake it really well before you squeeze out the product otherwise all you will get is water. I didn’t have to apply way too much and it dried pretty quickly. I followed the instructions provided on the tube itself and my skin felt pretty clean after I washed it but I will use it once in 2 weeks because I have a very dry skin and mud masks dry out my skin even more so I moisturized it really well afterwards. But I lpved the effect it gave my skin.

      They also sent a complementary lujo t-shirt worth Rs 1,699/- so that’s cool as well.

      Ok guys, so these were all the products that I received in the newly launched Lujobox and I really liked it. I loved all the products in the box and also loved the way they packed it as well. The overall value of this month’s box is Rs 3,811/- and even if you exclude the t-shirt it’s still Rs 2,112/- considering you get four full size and one deluxe size product. I really liked the fact that something new and exciting has been launched in the beauty subscription service community because I feel that everything was consistent for years. I am looking forward to next month’s box already.

      Please let me know in the comments down below, what products did you get in your box and did you like them or not.

      Go ahead and subscribe to lujobox :

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      Thank you so much for reading guys!!!

      Please subscribe if you haven’t already and I will see you in my next blog.


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