Miniso Brushes Review

Hi Guys, So, I think almost 2 weeks back I did a 2 part review of miniso makeup product and I gave you guys my thoughts on what I felt was worth going out and spending your on and what's not. Well today, I am gonna be talking about a few makeup brushes launched by... Continue Reading →

Fab Bag Unbagging – September 2018

Hi Guys, This Sunday, I received my September Fab Bag and I was going to post something else today but then I just decided to do a fab bag review instead. This month is very special for them as it's their sixth anniversary edition, so the theme is quite suitable "Sensational Six September". I just... Continue Reading →

Miniso Haul & Review Part-II

Hi Guys, So today's blog is gonna be a part II to my miniso makeup haul and review blog. I posted part-I already and I will link it at the end of this blog just in case you guys didn't catch that. Basically, I just purchased some makeup products that miniso released in India not... Continue Reading →

Miniso Haul & Review-Part I

Hi Guys So, a while back Miniso launched its stores in Delhi and everyone and I mean everyone went ham over the collection they offered . I remember, the first time I went there I was in awe with their collection. And the only thing I told Sumit, my husband was that I hope they... Continue Reading →

Organic/Natural/Cruelty Free Skin Care

Hi Guys, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to all out there!!! For past few months, I have been on the hunt for natural/organic skin care products as recently I have obsessed with everything organic. Our bodies consume so much pollution and dust on everyday basis and with so much junk food in our lifestyle, I have really... Continue Reading →

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