Tarte Sweet Escape Collector’s Set Review – Part II

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Today’s blog is going to be a part 2 of my tarte sweet escape collector’s set. In this set you get 2 blushes, a bronzer, highlight, 25 eyeshadow palette, deluxe size mascara, deluxe size lipstick and an eyeliner. I reviewed the Mascara, lipstick and liner in the first part which I will link down below, just in case you haven’t checked it out yet and today we are going to target the blushes, bronzer, highlight and the eyeshadow palette.


When I first ordered this set, honestly I ordered it just for these blushes and the eyeshadows. In this set you get two blushes in the shade slaycation and island hopping. For years I have heard that tarte amazonian clay blushes are one of the best blushes in the market and I wanted to get them so bad. So when I saw this set, I thought it’s a great deal, as I will be getting a tonne of products and it will include not just one but two of these blushes. And I love them so so soooo much. These last forever on the skin and do not slip or slide even without a setting spray. This is the best formula that I have ever tried when in comes to blushes. My favorite shade is slaycation as it’s pinky mauve and I find that it goes with so many looks. I love the shade island hopping as well. Even thought I don’t go for pink blushes but this is such a nice soft baby pink and I love mixing it with a nude blush or mostly I will just mic it with the bronzer in this set. Every single time I am in awe whenever I apply these blushes on my cheeks. It just brings life to my cheeks. This is so worth the hype and the money. The swatches will be included with bronzer and highlight below.


This set also comes with a bronzer and honestly I like it and this has very very fine shimmer in this which makes your skin looks glowey but this is a little bit too deep for my liking. I feel like that this has a little bit of red undertone for my liking so that’s why I don’t reach for it that much as a bronzer but as I said before, I love mixing it in with the blush island hopping in this set and it combines really well with this color,and provides a little warmth to the skin.


Out of all the products in this set, this is my least favorite. First of all I love the color and it comes off very natural on the cheekbones but you can build it up and make it look like an extra metallic highlight but it doesn’t last on my skin at all. Even with a setting spray, after 2-3 hours I just won’t notice it on my skin anymore. So, I only wear it when I know I am not going any place special, just for casual hangouts. I will still continue to use it because it’s very expensive but I just don’t like it for its lasting power. I have included the swatch of the highlight with the swatch of bronzer and the blushes above.


    I am in love with eyeshadow palette. It has 25 freaking eyeshadows guys, which is a steal considering how much you pay for this set. This is such a versatile palette with which you can get so many looks. I can do everyday look with it or a warm toned look and a cool tones look as well. The eyeshadows are so creamy and pigmented and they blend so nicely on the lids. And this lasts on my eyes a pretty good time as well. Refill is such a nice highlighting shade, it’s much much better than the actual highlight you get in the palette and it lasts on the skin all day. Other than that hidden gem, beach tore, upgrade, poolside and first mate are my most favorite shades in this palette. I also love the fact that it has a matt black which can transform a lot of looks and it contains matt highlighting shades as well depending on your skin tone. I have not been able to put it down.

    Ok guys, so those were my thoughts on this collection. Except for one or two products, I have really been loving this set and it would make a great gift for a makeup lover or if you don’t like buying individual products, this would a great purchase at a really really good value. I would say go for it.

    Link for Tarte Sweet Escape Collector’s Set Review – Part I


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